Cargo Management Solutions Available at Kingpin Autosports

From tool boxes to bed organizers, Kingpin Autosports in Gonzales, LA has what you need to keep your truck organized.  Do you need to haul lumber, sports equipment, or other large payloads? Maybe you just need a place to put your emergency roadside kit or spare tire?  Let us help you decide what the best cargo management accessory is for your needs.

Cargo Gates

Have something big to take from point A to point B?  A cargo gate might be the option for you.  These gates are sturdy and provide a few more square feet of space in your truck's bed.  By lowering the tail gate and adding a cargo gate you can create a larger area for storage.  Cargo gates can also be applied midway down the bed or in the back of an SUV as a separator to organize or protect smaller items from larger, heavier items.

Tool Boxes

Tool boxes are not just for tools, and they don’t just fit at the cab side of your trucks bed anymore.  There are several styles of tool box on the market that range from over the fender to full bed organization.  Depending on what you need to store and what you will be using it for, we offer a size and design to work best with you and your vehicle.


Truck Bed Organizers

Nets and dividers — among other items — are available to help make keeping your truck or SUV more organized and easier to navigate from day to day.  Adding truck bed organization can also reduce cabin noise, providing you with a quieter ride. Use these tools to improve your cargo stability, giving you peace of mind on the road.


Truck Bed Covers

Looking for a bed cover? We have a huge variety to choose from. Protect your cargo from rain, dew, dust and more with these sleek retractable bed covers. Choose from folding, painted-to-match, tonneau, etc. including BakFlip vinyl series hard folding covers. Whether protecting your gear from mud and rain on your way to that favorite fishing hole, or keeping your equipment dry on the way to the worksite, these covers offer peace of mind and security. Take the roughest roads in the most extreme weather and know your equipment will stay put en route and arrive dry and ready to use.


Contact us today to get started

With dozens of types of organizational tools for the bed of your truck or cargo area of your SUV, the challenge is knowing which one best suites your needs. Contact Kingpin Autosports today for help in finding the most effective cargo management system for you.

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